Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tomorrow's Thoughts: a Preview and an Apology for Tardiness

It seems that the entirety of my summer has been condensed into a four-week stretch in July and August – with family reunions, sails in Boston Harbor, vacation rentals on the Cape, and an annual trip to Chautauqua coming weekend after weekend after weekend. Somehow, in that time, I’ve managed to catch the midnight release of the Harry Potter 7.5, see Captain America, and (shocking as it may be), am gleefully waiting for my chance to go see Cowboys and Aliens with my girlfriend. And this whole time, New York Times News Alerts about the partisan farce that is the debt ceiling “debate” have kept me irritated and frustrated with the state of American politics. Oh, and I applied to grad school, too.

With all of this swirling around, I’ve been itching to write this week’s post, but I have not had any chance to sit down and actually do it. The first hurdle, of course, is choosing what to write about. Thoughts include:
  • Captain America and American memories of WWII
  • Domestic fiscal and partisan politics and the implications for American foreign policy and international standing
  • Port security, natural gas tankers, and the omnipresent ‘War on Terror’
  • Richard Haas’ TIME article arguing for American ‘restoration’
Looking at it, I think the last two go well together, and tie in interestingly with the debt ceiling debate, so I’ll have to save Captain America for another time. I’ll have my thoughts on the subject up tomorrow (sorry for the lateness), when I’ve had a chance to sit down, give it some thought, and actually write.